Purple Reign van Future




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Label: Epic/Freebandz
Future’s latest mixtape is another collection of pills, thrills and bellyaches. His voice wobbles from Auto-Tune effects on “Drippin (How U Luv That).” “Inside the Mattress” finds him at his most contradictory as he says, “I get on the stage, I rap til I pass out,” then says, “I wake up and cook a kilo.” Future’s persona as a drugged-out dealer is clearly fictitious, but he stubbornly clings to it, and Purple Reign can be reduced to the moments when his artistry surpasses this cliché, whether it’s his casually rhythmic tone on “All Right,” or when he rhymes, “She gave me real nasty mouth/Lady Gaga” on “Bye Bye.” The final two tracks end the mixtape on a high note as Future ponders the rap life while “I can hear the Perkys calling.”

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