Déjà vu van Giorgio Moroder


Déjà vu

Giorgio Moroder

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Label: Giorgio Moroder Music LCC
Thirty years after his last LP, the pioneering disco producer Giorgio Moroder returns sounding less like an elder statesman than a fresh-scrubbed pop savant, and with some of the best voices in the biz helping out. Sia adds husky depth to the string-swept "Déjà Vu," and Charli XCX brings the requisite sass to the techno-pop "Diamonds." Kelis sounds unusually sleek on the trap-inspired "Back and Forth," and Kylie Minogue adds glamour to the Daft Punk-influenced "Right Here, Right Now." While the songwriting's hardly groundbreaking, Moroder's synths haven't lost an ounce of sparkle.

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