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Justin Bieber

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Label: RBMG/Def Jam
Our little Biebster's 18 and he's got some not-a-girl, not-yet-a-woman-type stuff to prove, y'all. And wow, does Believe do the job! JB zips around the pop Monopoly board, building hotels on everything from dubstep-doused dance-pop to Mrazian acoustic jams ("Be Alright"), and bubblegum retro R&B ("Die in Your Arms") to a lot of Timberlakian blue-eyed funk. What's more, he gets panty-droppers like Ludacris and Big Sean waxing sweet enough to sell cereal. And that's what Believe really is: a balancing act that dances perfectly between his wholesome kiddie pop past and a sexy, grownup future.

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