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St. Vincent

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Label: Concord Loma Vista
Co-produced by pop whiz Jack Antonoff (Lorde, Taylor Swift), Masseduction represents St. Vincent's audacious leap into pure chart pop. Tracks like "Los Angeles"--which wraps the art rocker's breathy, commanding voice in cascading synth lines, thumping electro beats and deliciously percussive breakdowns--don't shimmer; they straight-up glitter. Yet Masseduction also contains some of St. Vincent's most nakedly personal songs. Beneath all the massive, robotic dance grooves and dramatically infectious hooks, she reflects on old times with deep melancholy ("Happy Birthday, Johnny") and even turns sexually suggestive on the title track. Leave it to the brilliant and complex Annie Clark to create a record that seamlessly integrates extroverted pop with introverted soul.

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