VII van Teyana Taylor


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Label: Getting Out Our Dreams Inc. (G.O.O.D.) Music / IDJ
Teyana Taylor's debut pulls in multiple directions. "Request" sounds like vintage '90s Brandy and showcases her lovely mid-range voice. "Maybe" has Pusha T and an L.A. ratchet tone, and "Do Not Disturb" features the ubiquitous Chris Brown. Fabolous skeets all over "Broken Hearted Girl." It's a typical R&B patchwork job drowned in overused echo effects, but at least Teyana seems in control of her vision. She teases our "Dreams" of "being with an R&B chick," and she cuts down the gossip folks on "Business," telling us "don't ask me how was the sex, that's between me, my man, and my bed."

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